Friday, 8 October 2004

Whoa Mamma

J-Man says I need to spruce up my blog a bit and put more pictures of women on it (he comments on it and he's not even a member or contributor, how's that for chutzpah). So here's Michelle Phillips from the Mammas and the Pappas who I mentioned in my last posting. That's her on the right in case you didn't notice. She definitely has the Marcia Brady / sexy hippie chick 60's thing happening. She gets the 'Brush tick of approval as well.

Michelle Phillips

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  1. Sure, Michelle was a bit alright but really, if you're talking Phillips, then you simply have to mention Bijou, her daughter. Well, sort of daughter. Her husbands daughter from another woman. Whatever. Bijou is hot.

    Check out some galleries here, here and here.

    She's best known for her acting so IMDB has some info on her.

    I wonder if she was the young 'un in your original pic? ;-)


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