Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Sampling History

Whew, it's been awhile since the last post (whatcha doin' Jiggy? Anyone'd think you'd been outta the country or somfink). So I thought a gentle introduction was appropriate...I know you're going to love checking out the History of Sampling.

It's a great visualization of how artists have been sampling albums in recent years. By clicking on the 'dots' you can see how albums and songs interrelate.

I don't think it's quite complete yet since there's no way The Avalanches have only sampled twelve songs!!! (Click the fourth-last blip in 2000)

And it's interesting that it seems to show that the practice of sampling is slowing down. Does this mean that we're on the cusp of a revolution of new music?

BTW, you'll need Java installed.

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