Wednesday, 5 October 2005

A slice of music?

For those who don't know, I have just put in an order for a 60GB iPod. Yes, I am joining the fashionable ranks of the white earphone club.

Readers of this blog know that I have not taken this decision lightly. But I've decided to live with an almost-full 60GB iPod and hopefully they'll have a bigger model by the time I get close to exceeding the capacity.

So for the past week, I have been very busy ripping my CD collection. I manage to get through a case of 32 CDs per day, using iTunes to do the ripping.

I started with digipaks (i.e. CDs with cardboard or non-standard sleeves) as they are kept separate in my collection on the top shelf. These are normally the CDs that get discriminated against when I'm deciding what to put in my CD wallet for the week, because it takes more effort to take the disc out of these delicate sleeves than it takes to get a CD out of a standard jewel case. So I'm glad the iPod is going to remove that barrier of discrimination.

I'm now well into the jewel cases, which I have sorted into alphabetical order by artist name, and then chronological order within the artist. I am well into the D's now, and it's already been a week. Yep, there's lots of CDs.

Each day, I listen to all the songs I have ripped so far using the iTunes "Shuffle" feature. For the first few days it was fairly predictable, with not many tunes in the library and I found myself listening to a lot of artists over and over again. Since the 15 Beatles CDs have been ripped, I find myself getting at least a Beatles track a day. I guess the odds are in favour of that. It's cool hearing a Beatles cut that I haven't heard for a while, and probably wouldn't have heard for ages had I not been getting an iPod. I'm a loser from Beatles for sale being one such cut. Choice cut, great lyric.

Each day more artists, songs and albums are getting added to the mix, making the shuffle more exciting each day. And I'm only up to D! It feels like I'm baking a giant musical cake, where the first few days contained the flour (Augie March, Badly Drawn Boy, Beatles) then the eggs are slowly added to the mix (Belle & Sebastian, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley) and now we are getting to the sweet sweet sugar (Elvis Costello, Crowded House). It's fascinating listening to the collection on shuffle, it really is. It makes me realise even more what a brilliant songwriter Elvis Costello is, when I hear a great song like Poor fractured atlas after a mediocre song off David Bowie's Diamond dogs. It really puts things into perspective.

Today I added the dark paprika of The Cure to the mix. The bleak Cold from their bleakest album Pornography came up in the mix. A song I hadn't heard in a long time, and didn't even remember it to be frankly. It's great rediscovering songs like this, although it doesn't even feel like a rediscovery, simply loads of music potential that was waiting to be unleashed.

Tomorrow's going to be an exciting day - the mysterious Doors aroma will be added. And one of my absolute favourites, the spicy Bob Dylan. This cake is getting tastier by the day, and I'm not even a quarter of the way there.

This is going to be one mighty strange tasting cake when it's finished baking in about a month.


  1. Enjoy your cake! :)

    All's I can say is that it's about time... :)

  2. Hey, it's Dan from internetfollies, responding to the hockey question posed on our blog.

    The 30 NHL teams are divided into two conferences, the East and West, and into 3 divisions within each conference based on geography. Over the 82-game season, each team plays its four division rivals eight times, each other team in the conference 4 times, then the rest of their games against a select few from the other conference.

    Eight teams from each conference advance to the playoffs; the winner of each division is automatically given one of the top three spots, and the five other teams in the conference with the best record also advance.

    Any more questions, feel free to ask, I love talking hockey. As well as music. For the record, I find The Stone Roses' self-titled to be incredibly boring; I listened to it non-stop my first two years of college, but can't sit through it now, maybe it's just me. White Album and If You're Feeling Sinister, however, are great choices.

  3. Hey Jigs,
    I recently have been going through the same recipe, albeit the quantity of ingredients is a lot smaller.

    As my target is not so much a cake (60Gb iPod) as a muffin (1Gb phone) I have also had to remove certain ingredients that aren't pulling their weight. In 1Gb there isn't enough space for passenger tracks!

    As I have a preference for listening to pick-me-up tracks on my phone (trying to rev myself up for the day ahead), I ended up with almost nothing of the very first ingredient I ripped, Air.

    I'm not as organised as you so I'm only ripping a couple of discs a day at most. I'm up to 'M' now. Massive Attack's "Blue Lines" and "Protection" were done last night. They will be a welcome new flavour in my muffin tin ;-)

  4. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Dan, your comment completed confused me, as I have absolutely no interest in hockey and have never posted on your blog. Initially my reaction was spam, but I couldn't see any advertising in your post, and then you mentioned music down the bottom, so it would take one mighty clever spam bot to actually comment on music on a music related blog to make it look realistic.

    Then when i looked at your blog, I noticed one of the contributors to my blog, Wally Raffles, posted a hockey question on your blog. It all makes sense now :-)

    And enjoy your muffin, Chisel. And about being organised, I have to be organised if I want to rip this CD collection in a reasonable amount of time. Even when ripping 32 CDs per day, it's going to take over a month to rip everything.

  5. Boo! Hiss! Long live albums!


  6. Well, Judas, all I can say is welcome to the fold.

  7. I don't believe you!

    (For anyone who can pick this reference: I owe you a coke)

  8. Dylan, clearly.

  9. Who art thou, Anonymous? McBean?


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