Tuesday, 15 November 2005

Benefit of using an iPod #001

Appreciating singles again.

Before I got an iPod, a single would never get any space in my CD case. Who wants to waste a precious space in a 32-disc case for a CD that only lasts 10 minutes? I actually sold many of my singles on eBay for this very reason (although I kept a few really choice ones, like Paranoid android which has some cool B-sides).

Before the days of the iPod, one had to hope that the artist would release a great B-sides and rarities compilation so you could justify keeping the CD in your case. Many bands including Oasis, Suede and Belle & Sebastian have done this. But it doesn't happen as often as it should.

On an iPod, a B-side can take pride of place on a playlist. Singles can be listened to as they were intended to be listened to. No more discrimination against the little guy.

Come back to me you neglect-o-rino singles!


  1. Hmmmm....

    The previous post talks about borrowing a concept from Stylus magazine. So I decide to have a bit of a look at Stylus magazine, and the main article happens to be "The Non Definitive Guide to the B-Side". Surely not a another case of borrowing a concept there Jiggy.....you wouldn't be losing any of your trademark creativity at all would you?

  2. All good and well, except I wrote my original B-sides and rarities post (linked to in this one) a long time before they did. This was more of a follow up on that one.

    So I think Stylus stole the idea from me!

  3. Relatedly, the 'pod even allows for good songs by daggy bands to get a spin. You know what it's like, a group releases a single that you think is worth a purchase, but you soon realise the rest of their catalogue is shite.

  4. You wouldn't be referring to a certain song called Take me out by an obscure band named Franz Ferdinand, would you?

  5. Actually, I was more thinking mmm mmm mmm mmm by Crash Test Dummies, but that song by the aforementioned Archduke and heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire also fits the bill. Whatever happened to that guy anyway? And Frank Grimes?

  6. I believe Franz Ferdinand was assassinated after someone bought his album on the strength of the Take me out single and they were very disappointed. It was the catalyst for World War 1 apparently.

    And Grimey, well that's just say he met a shocking demise no thanks to Homer.


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