Sunday, 23 April 2006

A chat with Brian Nankervis

On Saturday night I was at the Pause Bar in East St. Kilda for my friend Sheri's 27th birthday party. My fiancee Lorin spotted Brian Nankervis at the bar early in the night, and just as we were leaving I spotted him near the rear exit and had a bit of a chat with him. For those who don't know, Brian is an Australian comedian and the creator and co-host of SBS music quiz show RocKwiz. Those who have been paying attention will know that yours truly, Pete and Dean have all had our moment in the spotlight on this show.

He's a genuinely friendly guy; I told him that I'd been on the show on the episode with Ross Wilson and he immediately said "Ahh yes -- Take me to the river" which was the cover version that Ross Wilson and Nessa Morgan (the other celebrity on the show) sung at the end of the episode. You can tell he has a real passion for the show, which is really great to see but also expected because the show is his creation and his "baby".

I also told him that I had been at a recent filming of a season 3 episode of RocKwiz, and I asked him to confirm that the shows are definitely longer now (the night ended after 11:30pm compared to 10:30pm in previous seasons). He confirmed that season 3 episodes were indeed longer, and after editing they will be 45 minutes on TV. He said he's heard mixed comments about the length of filming for season 3 episodes, and I told him that in all honesty it was a long night but that I still really liked the show. It sounds like the show may be continuing for some more seasons which is great news -- we need more shows like this on Australian television and less formulaic reality shows.

Sheri also told him that she had recently purchased the Let the blood run free DVD, and Brian said that the show will always have memories for him as it was the first "theatrical" TV show he had been on.

After posing for a photo or two, Lorin and I were on our way (we were actually leaving anyway). A nice end to an enjoyable night out!


  1. Nice one! You didnt tell me on the night though :(

    I could have totally embarassed myself with references to Let The Blood Run Free, or reminisce about his time on Hey Hey Its Saturday.

    Then I could have told him how I prefer Spicks and Specks to RockWiz :)

  2. A very cool brush with fame, nice one Jiggy!

  3. Hi!!
    I´m from Spain, in europe, and I really love "Let the blood run free"
    But, I can´t find here, in shops o by internet. Bad Luck I guess

  4. Pikonasso:

    You can buy it from the following website (please cut and paste the URL into a single link, as blogger has trouble with long URLs).

    However, it is region 4, so it would only work if you have a region 4 or multizone DVD player.

  5. Heh where to get Let the blood run free season 2?
    I already have season 1.

    Heh anyone?

  6. I just did a quick search on the web, and it doesn't look like Season 2 is available on DVD yet. Hopefully it will be released soon!


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