Tuesday, 30 January 2007

iPod war - Wally Raffles

Wally Raffles just bought himself a brand new 80GB iPod. I'm jealous!

He's just ripped all of his music and challenged myself and The Blogger Formerly Known As NoMeatPete But He Has Now Started Eating Meat Again to an iPod war. For those who don't know the rules, you can read them here.

Here's Dean's selections, together with his commentary:

1. Powderfinger - Already Gone

Choice track, although I used to hate this song when I first heard it.

2. Split Enz - Walking Down a Road

A bit of an epic track, but quite enjoyable, I love that recurring piano beat/riff/tune (my lack of musical knowledge is showing here).

3. Rolf Harris - Football Crazy

Hehehe...one from the novelty collection. It's actually an alright song, pure novelty though, although I suspect it will get beaten today. The other interesting thing is that it has nothing to do with Australia at all (Harris' usual targets) - it's about English soccer.

4. The New Main Street Singers - Never Did No Wandering
(From "A Mighty Wind
" soundtrack)

Despite being part of a mockumentary, this is actually a good song - I am still undecided on whether I prefer this version or the Folksmen version.

5. Tim Rogers - Up-A-Ways

Hehehe - I know you guys hate this track, but I actually don't mind it.

6. Paul Kelly - Everything's Turning to White

Choice - probably the pick of the list so far. Such a powerful song, such a great story, fantastic....

7. The Beatles - A Day in the Life
(From "Love" - but not dissimilar to the original)

Another great track, very true to the original. I think there is a little bit of subtle mashup at the end, but on the noisy train that was a bit hard to hear, so it was virtually like listening to the original version.

8. The Cruel Sea - It's Alright (Cos she loves me)

Great rocking track - I love that sound that the Cruel Sea get - like it's kind of intense, but feels really laid back at the same time...strange....

9. Amiel - Lovesong
(From "New Music from the Panel" compilation CD)

Hehehe - for a pop song, I actually like this song, despite the fact that it has been done to death on the radio. This version however, she replaces the word "stupid" with the word "F^$". Its actually a little bit over the top to be honest.

10. INXS - Bitter Tears

Typical solid INXS track.

I'll put my selections in the next post.

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