Friday, 5 February 2010

New music discussion forum

Just writing to let you know that I have set up the Wireless Cranium discussion forum as a companion to this blog. You can find it at the following URL:

The mission statement of the Wireless Cranium forum is:
A discussion forum for music lovers all over the world. If you have passion for listening to music of any form, please join and contribute to this community.
So really, anything goes; just keep it music-related. The emphasis of the forum is more the appreciation of music than the playing of music.

This forum utilises the superb Stack Exchange framework, a generic platform created by the founders of Stack Overflow, a programming Q&A website. Stack Exchange is currently in beta, which means that they want people to try it out for free before its public launch (and before they start charging to use it).

If we can build up a nice following, I might consider registering it when it goes out of beta.

Unlike the Stack Overflow trilogy of websites (which includes the system-admin focused Server Fault and general computer focused Super User), I don't expect most questions on the Wireless Cranium forum to have a definitive answer.

While subjective questions are generally discouraged on the Stack Overflow sites, the focus of the Wireless Cranium forum will be subjective questions.

Note that the voting system still applies:
  • Voting up a question means "I find the question interesting".
  • Voting down a question means "I don't think this question adds much to the community".
  • Voting up an answer means "I agree with this answer".
  • Voting down an answer means "I disagree with this answer".
Registration is optional, using Open ID. While you can do many things on the forum without registering, doing so will allow you to participate in other aspects of the site.



  1. had a look, don't find it particularly user friendly, don't think I would use it again.

  2. Fair enough.

    The framework probably isn't designed well for this sort of forum anyway, but it works very well for programming Q&A.


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