Wednesday, 24 November 2004

Brett's Birthdays on Friday 13th

Many know that Brett's birthday is on 13th December. Those of us who know Brett well know he is also a bit obsessed with his horror movies, and Friday The 13th is one of his favourites.

The question is now posed -- how many of Brett's birthdays to date (and which ones) have fallen on a Friday 13th? I was (very) bored the other day so I figured it out.

I'd like Brett to answer this post, without cheating :-)

The rest of you can just reply with a standard insult: "get a life", "who cares", "go home to your Granny"...


  1. The only one I'm sure of - and the only one that really matters - is that I turned 13 on Friday, Dec 13th (1991)!

    But aside from that, I couldn't tell you, but I'll guess: 5?

  2. There are actually 4 to date:

    7th birthday in 1985
    13th birthday in 1991
    18th birthday in 1996
    24th birthday in 2002

    And for the record, these will be the next 4:

    35th birthday in 2013 (another 13!)
    41st birthday in 2019
    46th birthday in 2024
    52nd birthday in 2030

    I think there's something in that for all of us!

  3. When I saw Jiggy's post my first thoughts were

    o WTF?
    o Who gives a toss?
    o How the %$#@ should I know?

    But then my mind went a little crazy. The busy-ness of my life deteriorated - I could think of nothing else - and I felt the need, the need to program! OK, it's sad. But I've whipped up a quick .NET application that displays the days that your birthday falls on a particular day and date.

    I've called it the Date Searchus Maximus! It can be found here:

    Naturally it correctly extracts the dates that Jiggy identified but it can go a little further than that...did you know that, assuming that Brett lives to be 100, he'll have 14 "Friday the 13th" birthdays?!

    Amazing. :)


  4. Matt you are a freak!

    But I'd just like to clear something up, I'm not talking about Brett White (from work), I'm talking about Brett McBean (the famous horror writer).


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