Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Dean & Pete on RocKwiz!

Dean and Pete (known as Wally Raffles and nomeatpete around the blog circuit) did us all proud last night when they both made it on to the debut of Season 2 of the RocKwiz on SBS. They also did table 6 proud when they represented us, cutting through the fierce competition in the auditions, each making it on to the 2nd episode that was filmed.

Dean ended up in a team with Linda Bull, a member of the Black Sorrows and Vika & Linda, where she performs with her sister. Pete had Glenn Tilbrook of classic UK new-wave outfit Squeeze on his team.

It was a great game, with Dean and Pete both doing extremely well for their teams, but in the end Dean's team took home the trophy. Congratulations to both of you! Co-host Brian Nankervis kindly informed us that the episode will be shown in late-November on TV.

Chris Bailey of classic Aussie punk rockers The Saints played in the first game we saw, and he seemed to be off his face. Most likely on alcohol, because he was sipping a red wine throughout the whole game. He came up with some "interesting" one-liners, some of which may be considered inappropriate for television, so how much of the episode makes it to air is yet to be determined. But it's SBS, so I guess anything is possible :-)

All in all, a very enjoyable night!

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