Thursday, 1 September 2005

(What's The Story) Morning Glory?

Disclaimer: This is a review I wrote a while ago, and I'm just importing it into this blog to keep the action going (read: I'm lazy). I'll try to find time to write some new posts.

Yes, I know the Gallagher's are arrogant bastards. I even saw them in concert and discovered that they have the combined personality of a dead goldfish. But with music like this, who cares?

It's pretty popular in this day and age to dislike Oasis. Robbie Williams has turned it into an art form. But there's no denying that Noel Gallagher can write a tune like no other. And Liam turns his big brother's songs into instant classics. Bonehead, Guigsy and Whitey add their own touches, but when it comes down to it, Oasis is a family business.

This album runs like a greatest hits album. Every song is an instant classic. First there's the hits (count them, all six of them). Wonderwall, Don't look back in anger, Morning glory, Champagne supernova, Roll with it, Some might say. All classic singalongs - all pub jukebox staples. This leaves only six tracks. There's two unnamed instrumentals, just so we don't overdose on the brilliant vocals. The remaining songs Hello, Hey now!, Cast no shadow and She's electric could very easily be hits, if Oasis chose to release them.

It's only been downhill for Oasis since this album. Their arrogance reached an all-time high after this album (and its singles) became chart successes. Noel wished AIDS upon Damon Albarn from Blur. Critics ripped through their followup overlong (and underrated) album Be here now. They released their worst album Standing on the shoulder of giants. Heathen chemistry was a return to form only relative to the 2 albums before it, but it was still in a different ballpark to their first 2 albums.

This album remains a testimony to the great band that Oasis were, and may never be again.


  1. Sold!

    This album is now extremely cheap at many outlets for some unfathomable reason. I'm off to JB this lunchtime to pick it up! :-)

  2. All I can say is, wow.

    I never knew that a post could have that kind of effect on someone!

    Please let me know what you think :-)

  3. Listened to it twice over the weekend, and can't believe I've left it so long to buy this. I guess at the time, I "made my choice" and spent my hard-earned on Blur's "The Great Escape", which is still a fine album, but meant I was in the Blur camp during the Great Brit-Pop War which centred around these two albums.

    As you said Jiggy, it could be a Greatest Hits with that many chart-toppers wedged in there, plus some fine rock songs in between to get to know. Top stuff.

    I've been humming the melody from "Champagne Supernova" subconsciously for about 48 hours now... :-)

  4. Glad you are enjoying it!

    While I like Blur's The Great Escape and Parklife from the mid-90's, they are quintessential Britpop albums and hence are very much tied to that era (1993-1997). Oasis' first 2 albums can be appreciated more as amazing rock/pop albums without sounding as dated now.

    So while Blur won the war in 1995 when Country House beat Roll With It to number one, I think Oasis have come out on top. Although many would disagree.

    Blur look set to implode, with lead guitarist Graham Coxon leaving before their last album, and singer Damon Albarn focusing more on his side project Gorillaz.

    If you find yourself really digging Morning Glory, I have many more Oasis recommendations for you.

    Their debut album Definitely Maybe is definitely worth picking up, being almost as good as Morning Glory. It has many of their best songs, including the classics Live forever and Slide away. It is also dirt cheap, you should be able to get it for $10 fairly easily.

    Their B-sides compilation The Masterplan is spectacular. Many of Oasis' B-Sides are some of their best songs, which goes to show how great a band they are that they are willing to throw them away. I've seen this one for $5 and it would be the best $5 you'd ever spend. A five-star compilation!

    Their newest album Don't Believe The Truth, while not reaching the heights of their first two albums, is still a great return to form. Highly recommended.

    If you were really keen, you could pick up Heathen Chemistry or Be Here Now but I'd avoid Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants which is easily their worst album.

  5. I disagree with Jiggy in the fact that theyre not nice guys or have horrible personalities. I say watch more interviews with the Gallagher brothers and youll find theyre actually half decent guys. Just because Liam is no Chris Martin doesnt make him such a horrible guy. I've seen them a few times in concert and they didnt pull any stunts or antics and didnt cause trouble as they are unjustly notorious for. Yes, they might be a bit arrogant, but put yourself in their shoes: If you had the fastest selling debut in british history, the second biggest selling album in british history AND the fastest selling album in british history, wouldnt you have a big head yourself? i know i would! While their first 3 albums, in my opinion, were smash hits that i still enjoy listening to today, i do think that their last 3 arent actually as bad as most people think. Jiggy hated Standing on the shoulder of Giants but in all honesty, so did i when i first heard it. But after listening to it several times, it grew on me and i started to realize its actually pretty good. Certain songs on there stand out: Go Let it Out, who feels love, Gas Panic, Sunday morning Call, Roll it Over, and I can see a liar. Take the time and let it marinate a little bit, you just might like it! Heathen Chemistry was in general a worse album in my opinion, altho it had some great tracks like she is love, hung in a bad place, hindu times, and stop crying your heart out. Dont believe the truth sounds like nothing theyve ever done before but is nonetheless a good album, and is considered better than the last 3 by most. I like it a lot but even though Noel Gallagher thinks that his best tracks are still ahead of him, I think nothing will ever compare to (Whats the story) Morning Glory, and particularly Some Might Say, Roll With It, Champagne Supernova, Dont look back in anger, and Wonderwall. I hope they continue their great career by releasing at least 4 or 5 more great albums.

  6. Perhaps I was a bit harsh on the Gallagher brothers. I did write that review quite a while ago after seeing them on their Be Here Now tour in 1998.

    Even Liam and Noel have pretty much "disowned" that tour now. They were apparently off their faces for the entire tour. It probably wasn't the best way to experience their live performance, and I also decided to go to the gig on the day of the gig, hence only got back row (!) seats in the Tennis Centre in Melbourne. Not sure where you are from Sami, but it's a pretty big venue so it didn't make the gig very enjoyable.

    Luckily I saw them a few years later on their Heathen Chemistry tour and it was much better. Firstly, I had general admission tickets, and secondly it was at the Forum which is one of the better musical venues in Melbourne. A very enjoyable gig, and the boys did appear to be a bit more professional.

    I'll be seeing them again in December, and I'm really looking forward to it. Their latest album Don't Believe The Truth is one of my favourite albums of the year, a true return to form for the lads.

    I generally agree with your summaries of their albums, but there's something about Standing on the shoulder of giants that doesn't quite gel for me. But I'll give it another go soon, and will be sure to post something about it if my opinion has changed :-)

    And just for the record, I'd rather have a drink with Noel or Liam than Chris Martin anyway. Noel especially is one of the wittiest musicians I know, he's truly a funny guy and obviously a fantastic songwriter. You only have to see him in the great documentary Live Forever to see this side of his personality.

    Chris Martin on the other hand seems to feel comfortable just resting on his laurels and releasing the same music over and over again. While I did enjoy their first two albums, I haven't purchased X&Y - one because it's copy controlled in Australia and I refuse to buy these "CDs", and two because from what I've heard of it, it sounds really cliched and boring.


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