Wednesday, 10 May 2006

A change is gonna come

You may have noticed something different in one of my recent posts. Yes, for the first time ever I actually included a song to download in the post. I have been thinking about where this blog is going and I have decided to start including downloadable songs in future posts. After all, it's much easier to appreciate a song if you can actually hear it rather than read about it.

Because I will be hosting the files myself, links to the songs will be removed one week after the date of posting them. All songs will be in AAC (.m4a) format, as that is the format that I use on the iPod. You can listen to these in iTunes, or download a plugin like this one which will allow you to play them in WinAmp.

I have a few questions for you, dear reader:
  • Is this a good idea?
  • Do you think it's a good way to get into new music?
  • Will you download the songs I post here?
  • More importantly, will you listen to the songs I post here?
  • Will me posting songs make you more inclined to comment on this blog?
Please reply via the comments with answers to these questions; I appreciate any input.

Please note that I do not condone music piracy in any form. So after listening to the songs, either delete them or buy them. If you like the songs I post, you can ask me for more information. Maybe the album that the song comes from is a great one, in which case I can recommend the whole album to you. Maybe it's the one good song off an average album, in which case I can recommend that you buy the song from iTunes (or your prefered online digital music retailer).

In honour of the title of this post, here's the classic Otis Redding song (actually a cover of a Sam Cooke tune). Enjoy!

Otis Redding - A change is gonna come [Link Removed]

UPDATE: For some reason both FireFox and IE change the extension of the file to .mpeg when trying to save the file. Please rename the file so it has a .m4a extension before trying to listen to it and I'll try to figure out what's going on.

UPDATE: Song links removed.


  1. sounds like a great idea. I'm at work now, so I'm not gonna download anything here, but i'll test it out at my mates place on the weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great idea to me.

    For me, Firefox downloads the file fine, it doesn't rename anything.

  3. Strange that. Do you have Quicktime installed? It think it may be that which is doing it, because if I left-click on the file it opens it through the QuickTime plugin, but if I do a "Save link" it tries to save it as "change.m4a.mpeg".

  4. I think having links up is a grand idea :) I will download them, as long as I get there before you remove the link... Cheers, Dan.

  5. Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I'll keep songs up for a week, which should hopefully be more than enough time to get the songs. I suggest you use a blog aggregator like BlogLines ( to make sure you don't miss anything!


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