Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Thank god you're here

Has anyone been watching the excellent new TV show Thank God You're Here? It's on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm on Channel 10. It's a (fairly) original concept from Working Dog productions, the same geniuses behind Frontline, The Panel and All-Aussie Adventures.

Basically the premise behind the show is that a comedian is dressed in a costume and sent through a door into a scene that they know nothing about. Other comedians play the supporting characters in the room and it's their job to prompt the comedian into improvisation. Some examples include: being a politician as a press conference, an executive as a pie company looking to expand their pie line-up, and a captain on a space ship.

You may be wondering what this has to do with music, but I'm getting to that. You see, the theme song to the show is Come anytime by Aussie rockers Hoodoo Gurus. This really baffles me as a choice of theme song. You see, the Gurus also have a very well-known song called What's my scene. Now wouldn't that be a better choice of song? The show is about a comedian who doesn't know the scene that they are about to walk into. Could there be a more obvious choice of theme song?

I don't think it's a legal issue; surely if they could clear one song by the Hoodoo Gurus then another song would be okay. I'm fairly sure that EMI owns the rights to all their albums now. Anyway, I'm very curious as to why they went with this song. I guess Come anytime is kind've appropriate, but What's my scene would have been just perfect.


  1. Legal issues aside, what about My Kind of Scene Powderfinger? Probably a bit slow for a theme song

  2. But doesn't Come Again just make u bopp? It doesn't matter about the title of the song, its just such a catchy tune!

  3. sorry come *anytime* duh lol

  4. Yeah it's a good song, don't get me wrong. I was just pointing out what would have been a more obvious choice of song :-)

  5. I always wondered that, 'What's My Scene?' was damn catchy, and the opening sequence to 'Thank God Your Here' is basically a rip-off of the 'What's My Scene?' Video Clip...

  6. hey, i was just thinking that if they used the 'whats my scene' it would have just reminded everyone of football cause they used the same thing but with 'thats my team' so they probably wanted a totally new image not connected with anything else. it would be really hard to change the connection people make between the tune (even if the words are different)and football and make a connection to thank god you're here. thats just my thoughts


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