Tuesday, 18 July 2006

RocKwiz DVD launch!

Last night Pete, Dean and myself went to the RocKwiz DVD launch, a party which was held in the Gershwin Room at the Espy. It was all a bit mysterious; the invites were only for ex-contestants and they clearly stated that it was an "invite only" event, and that we couldn't even bring anyone along. There was a lot of speculation before hand - was there going to be a free bar tab? Were they going to do any filming? Were we going to be able to mingle with the celebrities?

[Sidebar: See previous posts about Pete and Dean's appearance, and my appearance on RocKwiz.]

When we arrived and Pete offered to buy the first round, it became clear that at least one of these speculations was true. There was a free bar tab, and suddenly I regretted driving. There was also free finger food; suddenly we regretted buying that kebab we had only eaten 15 minutes ago.

After a few quiet drinks, a few nibbles, and a quick chat with Brian Nankervis, we were led to the front of the Gershwin room where Brian and hostess Julia Zemiro gave a spiel about the success of the show, and about the RocKwiz DVD which was about to be launched nationwide. Shortly afterwards they drew a raffle (we were all given tickets as we entered the Gershwin room); Dean was one of the lucky three who won a RocKwiz backpack, which included a copy of said DVD, a RocKwiz duets CD, a T-shirt, stubbie holder, alcohol of some sort, badge and playing cards.

Then there were some more speakers: the head of programming at the SBS (whose name escapes me) talked a bit about the show, and Mushroom boss Michael Gudinski talked a bit about the Australian music scene in general. This was followed by a live performance of the Johnny Cash hit Jackson by Vika Bull (from Vika & Linda and Black Sorrows) and Dave Larkin (from Dallas Crane); and a performance of the Tom Petty/Stevie Nicks hit Stop draggin' my heart around by the legendary Tim Rogers (from You Am I) and Rebecca Barnard (from Rebecca's Empire). Then the four of them got together and did a nice cover of the Byrds hit So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star.

Tim Rogers in action
[Photo courtesy of MarkG]

After a bit more chit chat from Brian and Julia (and a sneak preview of the DVD on the big screen), the formalities of the night were over. And this is where the night started to get interesting...

Pete, Dean and I (together with MarkG, the husband of a work colleague who was also on the show) decided to mingle a little bit with the celebrities who were there and get some happy snaps.

[Warning: Lots of name-dropping ahead.]

L-R:Me, Tim Rogers, Pete, Dean.
This photo was taken shortly before Dean asked Tim the meaning behind one of his songs, at which point Tim told him that it was about his ex-wife. Dean was a bit apologetic at this point, and Tim told him it was cool and gave Dean a kiss on the neck to let him know that there were no hard feelings.
[Photo courtesy of Pete]

Mark, Tim, Rebecca Barnard, Me.
As seen from the photo, Tim was clearly inebriated at this point of the night.
Mark: "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"
Me: "I'll have what he's having"
[Photo courtesy of MarkG]

Rebecca Barnard looking at one of the photos on Pete's camera.
Tim: "Hey baby!"
Pete: "Somebody...please pinch me"
[Photo courtesy of MarkG]

Me with my old RocKwiz teammate Ross Wilson (of Daddy Cool fame).
Yes, this is the same guy who sung the Aussie rock classic Eagle rock.
Me: "I can't wait to post this on my blog!"
Ross: "I've come to clean your pool..."
[Photo courtesy of Pete]

Dean with his old RocKwiz teammate Linda Bull (of Vika & Linda and Black Sorrows fame).
Dean: "I knew I shouldn't have had the garlic sauce in my souvlaki before..."
[Photo courtesy of Pete]

Unfortunately, Pete's old teammate Glenn Tilbrook didn't make the trek from the UK to come to the DVD launch. So Pete missed out on his team reunion.

The three of us with Julia Zemiro, the hostess with the most-ess.
Julia: "Get these weirdos away from me"
[Photo courtesy of Pete]

We left shortly after, playing the You Am I classic Hourly, daily on the way back home. We were all on a bit of a high from the great night (although Dean and Pete's high may have been more alcohol-induced than mine :)

What a night!


  1. Great night -- Dean, can you confirm that Rogers slipped the tongue?

  2. well, Pete, lets just say that I am not really sure if it was a kiss of affection or a kiss of death, mafia style!!!

    In all seriousness though, it was a great night, I had an absolute great time.

    Have checked out the Rockwiz dvd that I got, and it really was quite enjoyable. Brian, Julia and the band introduce the songs in a Rage guest programmer esque style, so it is interesting to hear their takes on the the individual artists.

  3. Hey Wally Raffles. Nice username ;)


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