Sunday, 12 September 2004

Absolute useless musical trivia #45367

Here's the 10 shortest song titles in my collection as of the date of this post:
  1. M - The Cure (from Seventeen Seconds)
  2. Be - Lenny Kravitz (from Let Love Rule)
  3. Go - Pearl Jam (from Vs.)
  4. UR - Alanis Morissette (from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie - if only the album title was that short!)
  5. Za - Supergrass (from Life On Other Planets)
  6. LA - Elliott Smith (from Figure 8)
  7. It - Prince (from Sign 'O' The Times)
  8. 39 - The Cure (from Bloodflowers)
  9. 45 - Elvis Costello (from When I Was Cruel)
  10. As - Stevie Wonder (from Songs In The Key Of Life)
And the 10 longest...well before I go into that, allow me to set some ground rules. Many artists (including Tom Waits and many others) like using parentheses in song titles to indicate an alternate title, making titles very long (because it's really 2 titles posing as 1). So the rule I am using for the 10 longest album titles is that it cannot contain any parentheses. And if a song on an album is purposefully given multiple titles (whether it's a montage of multiple songs, or just given multiple titles for shits and giggles), it is also disqualified. Anyway...on with the list:
  1. Maybe the people would be the times or between Clark and Hilldale - Love (from Forever Changes).
  2. Sigmund Freud's impersonation of Albert Einstein in America - Randy Newman (from Little Criminals).
  3. Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit'sworldwouldfallapart - Manic Street Preachers (from The Holy Bible).
  4. Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey - The Beatles (from The Beatles aka The White Album)
  5. (What's so funny 'bout) peace, love and understanding? - Elvis Costello (from Armed Forces).
  6. Final count of the collision between us and the damned - Public Enemy (from Fear Of A Black Planet)
  7. Guy who got a headache and accidently saves the world - Flaming Lips (from Clouds Taste Metallic)
  8. Feeding the birds and hoping for something in return - Something For Kate (from Echolalia)
  9. Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again - Bob Dylan (from Blonde On Blonde)
  10. Psychiatric explorations of the fetus with needles - Flaming Lips (from Clouds Taste Metallic)

Brace yourself for many other items of useless musical trivia in future posts!


  1. I've often thought 3.30 a good length of time for a pop song (some would argue 4 mins, others 3, I simply split the difference). Here's a selection:

    3.30 SONGS:
    Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    Irony Of It All - The Streets
    Kamera - Wilco
    Shark Attack - Split Enz
    Gardening at Night - REM
    DAF - Powderfinger
    Purple Sneakers - You Am I
    Lovesong - The Cure
    All The Lazy Dykes - Morrissey

    See Jiggy, two (or possibly three) can play at this game!

  2. That's all good and well no meat Pete (if that is your real name), but I don't know what funky version of Shark Attack by The 'Enz you have. My records (and believe me, I _have_ records) indicate that Shark Attack is only 2 minutes and 58 seconds, a huge 32 seconds less than your specified time. And my records also indicate that Gardening At Night by R.E.M. is 3 minutes and 48 seconds, a huge 18 seconds more than your specified time. So please don't pollute my blog with your inaccuracies.

    Since we mentioned R.E.M., have you listened to New Adventures In Hi Fi lately? I know you've kinda gone off the old Rapid Eye Movements, but give this album a spin - a very solid album from start to finish, with some moments of absolute brilliance (including one of my favourite R.E.M. songs, Leave).

  3. Actually, I've been getting into the eye movements again of late (dead letter office, green) -- will give new adventures a spin!

  4. Dear Jiggy

    Having read your collection of lists, I must say that I am most disappointed at one quite fatal error. In the list of long song titles, you clearly state that parentheses are disqualified from the list, yet taking a spot in the list is a song by the name of "(What's so funny 'bout) peace, love and understanding?". I find this quite disturbing, and it highlights a clear flaw in your entire listologies...this really does bother me. In the past I have considered your lists to be quite knowledgable and accurate. I am now going to have to think twice before trusting the content of this website.

    Yours faithfully (but disappointedly)

    Wally Raffles, esq

  5. Too true Mr. Raffles, regarding the brackets in the Declan McManus song. I'm very disappointed with myself, not sure how I missed that one. Will need to revise the list in the future when I get a chance.


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