Monday, 20 September 2004

Back to work :-(

Why is it so hard to go back to work after a weekend?

Sooooooo booooooooooooored.


  1. I hear ya brother.

    OMG time seems to be standing still. :(

    Might have to go do some hackey-sacky-ing! :)

  2. I must say that it's not just after a w/e, work seems really unenjoyable all the time these days!
    Jiggy, what is going on with this blog? Seems to have dropped off somewhat lately. I guess you're just not as popular as you thought -- I think most people are put off by your ownership of Captain Beefheart and Polyphonic Spree albums.

  3. Sorry for the lack of posts Pete, I hope you find my post today interesting. And I encourage you to comment on it!


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