Sunday, 12 September 2004

Ahhh eBay... how can I possibly stay mad at you?

Wanna know what I'm selling on Ebay at the moment?


Well I'm gonna tell you anyway...

Check out what I'm selling right now.


  1. Ah just when the world has seen everything there is to see about weblogs...along comes the jiggy version!

    The review on captian beefsteak highlights my confusion about many of your cd purchases jiggy... is it musical art or art that is musical?

    i remember when it used to be about the simpsons.... in fact i believe that you may still have spreadsheet somewhere containing all the episodes you had. Now its about the music... man you changed! :P

    Have you thought about posting the tracklisting from your 2minute song album... ?

  2. Well, thank you Jiggy for the invitation, if that indeed is your real name. I think the only "illusion" of the Captain Beefsteak album is that some people actually consider it music.
    Looking forward to your latest selection of cuttage, to be previewed this coming friday, I believe. Fire up the tofu ladies and gents, it's going to be big.
    Oh, and btw, I didn't know that you could sell "used" arab straps on e-bay. You sure showed me -- I presume you wiped it down first.


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