Sunday, 12 September 2004

Lenny & Carl

Did anyone see the Simpsons last week? Featured Ms K's/Skinner's (abandoned) wedding.
A couple of relevant moments -- Barry Duffman appearing at Ms. K's Hen's night (as a "male dancer," no less), and doing a pelvic thrust (Oh Yeah!) while seated.
Another scene reminded me of two people (let's call them J and A) -- Lenny was hassling Carl because he always has to ask before receiving a back rub. Hmmm... As Mike Moore once said, "Wow! International Story Coordinator!"


  1. Ahhh Lenny and Karl...camper than a row of tents those guys are.

  2. Oops I meant Carl. Not Karl.
    And just because L + C are camp, doesn't mean A + J are.

  3. hmmmmmm... all i can say is kiss my shiney metal ass!


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